Christmas Tree 3D Model Silicone Mould

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100% food grade silicone. Eco-Friendly, non-stick, non-toxic, easy to clean. Oven & freezer proof. Can withstand temperature: -40℃~ 230℃. Suitable for a wide variety of craft purposes such as wax melts, soap, resin, chocolate!

  • Base - 7x7x2cm (Holds approx 85g)
  • 1st Layer (Bottom) - 13x13x4cm (Holds approx 140g)
  • 2nd Layer - 10x10x4cm (Holds approx 70g)
  • 3rd Layer (Base) - 8x8x4cm (Holds approx 50g)
  • 4th Layer (Top) 5x5x4cm (Holds approx 25g)

Please note that product colours may vary