Blue Denim Dye Chips

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10g Dye Chips

Highly concentrated dye chips, work great with soy, paraffin and palm waxes to achieve amazing colour results for your wax melts and candles.

Add the desired amount to melted wax and stir until fully dissolved. Testing a drop on a white paper towel will give you an indication of the intensity of colour achieved when the wax has cooled. The darker the colour required the more of the wax chips should be added.

Keep a record of how many grams of dye chips you use for your candle or wax melts so that you can recreate the same shade for future batches. 

We recommend testing your colours in the first instance to ensure you achieve your desired results as colours may vary depending on types of wax being used. 

Actual colours will vary with the type of wax used and we encourage plenty of testing until you find a consistent shade you’re satisfied with!

Please note: Candle dyes can only be used for candles or wax melts. They are not skin safe so do not use any candle dyes for bath and body products.