Silicone Mould Care Tips

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Here’s Moondance Melt Supplies guide to helping you clean and care for your Silicone Moulds to ensure you get the best results for your Wax Melts time after time.

Scrub a dub dub

Probably the most tried and tested method for cleaning your Silicone Moulds is hot soapy water and good old fashioned elbow grease! A good quality washing up detergent is also vital to ensure that stubborn wax residue, Cosmetic Glitters and Mica Powder are removed.

Feel The Heat

Heat your Silicone Mould in the microwave on HIGH Power for 1 minute (Never leave moulds unattended in the microwave and take care not to burn yourself when removing them from the microwave).

Alternatively, use a heat gun to heat the mould, then wipe down with a Baby Wipe to remove any excess wax residue. Finish by polishing with a microfiber cloth to ensure your moulds stay shiny and clean.

A Heat Gun is also a great way to clean your jugs and reduce wax wastage by heating the wax and then scraping it out using our Silicone Finishing Brush. (When using a Heat Gun ensure you have read the manufacturers guidelines on how to operate safely and remember to unplug it after use)

Things to Remember

Use a high quality Wax that is specifically for Wax Melt usage such as Kerax Kerasoy (Pillar), Ecosoya Pillar Blend or Golden Wax 494. Container wax is a lot softer, tends to crumble and does not apply well to moulds.

Ensure you have left your wax to set for an appropriate period, we suggest leaving overnight and if you have a mould with finer detail, place the mould in the fridge for 20-30 minutes prior to de-moulding.

Things to avoid

Do not use any abrasive substances when cleaning your moulds as they may cause damage to the silicone and affect the integrity and performance of the moulds surface.


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