Tips to prevent your Wax Melts from frosting

Posted by Alex Jones on


Frosting is a natural effect of vegetable waxes in particular Soy Wax which occurs when wax is subjected to temperature fluctuations and is trying to return back to its natural state. This is known as polymorphism - a condition where crystals inconsistently form in a substance.

Although it does not affect the performance or functionality of the wax melt or candle in any way, it does not create an aesthetically pleasing finish for candles or wax melts and is more prominent when wax is coloured.


Frosting is more prone with age of the Wax. Use your wax flakes within one year of manufacture.

Soy Wax likes stable temperatures and can only cope with gradual changes so controlling the surrounding temperatures while your wax is cooling is a key factor in helping to eliminate frosting

  • Room Temperatures can be too cold so try preheating your Silicone Moulds or Glass Jars before pouring the wax
  • To control temperature further, place Moulds or Glass Jars on an elevated wire cooling rack.
  • Try lowering your pour temperature. Playing around with your pour temperature and adjusting the temperature in small increments and keep note of the results.

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