How To Make Wax Melts using Mica Powder

Posted by Alex Jones on

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from igneous rock and volcanic material through mining. Mica Powder is heat resistant and is widely used as a colour agent in cosmetic products and Wax Melts. It gives a beautiful pearlescent finish to wax and also does an amazing Mica Dance when the wax is in melted form.

As Mica is denser than wax, it will always tend to sink to the bottom of the wax, it won’t ever set suspended in the wax. It’s all about the blend, remember you can always add but you cannot deduct!

Here are our tips to get the best finish with Mica Powder for Wax Melts

  • A little goes a long way. Use a 5% Mica Powder to wax ratio. 
  • For usage with Wax Melts It can be used on its own or in conjunction with another form of colorant such as Dye Chips or Liquid Dyes. Using with another colour agent will ensure you get a more even colour blend throughout the wax.
  • Add the Mica Powder to your fragrance oil and mix thoroughly before adding to wax.
  • Pre-heat your silicone moulds beforehand. Mica likes the heat and this will help your Mica distribute more evenly throughout the wax
  • Once your wax melts are set, you also have the option of painting on the Mica Powder onto your finished finished wax melts using a paint brush.
  • When first using your Mica Powders, Dye Chips or Pigment Powders, be sure to experiment first. This will help you to find the perfect colour saturation. We recommend keeping a journal to document your desired colour ratios by writing down the amount/weight of wax used and the amount of colour (in drops for liquid or grams for powders and dye chips). 

Please be aware that Mica Powder should not be used in candles because it does not mix evenly with the candle wax and it can clog the candle wicks causing the flame to burn irregularly.